Got questions about our facilities, programs and policies? Here’s your chance to ask the man in charge! This feature provides a fun way for the Erie County Convention Center Authority to communicate with its patrons. Click on the link and ask away.


How can the James Taylor Tickets be sold out at 10:30AM when the Times informed us that they went on sale at 10:00AM?
The answer to your question in a word is…..the internet.  The internet has the potential to sell out a show in a minute. It can handle hundreds if not thousands of sales simultaneously.  No waiting lines exist because of this technology and everyone is instantly and concurrently "at the box-office window".

In addition, this act provided an opportunity for members of his fan club to have early access to internet sales which consumed several hundred tickets prior to the public  10:00 AM on sale.

James Taylor sold out in 23 minutes which is indeed very fast but not an Erie record. Jerry Seinfeld sold out in 16 minutes.

I sense your disappointment and I am trying to book another performance to help accommodate the overwhelming demand from fans.

Thank you for your feedback.

How do I get backstage to meet an artist?
The Erie County Convention Center Authority does not provide backstage passes. Thank goodness we don’t have to be involved with their social schedules!! Passes are provided by the artist and/or promoter to allow special access to those who THEY want to see. Typically, they are friends and family of the band, record company executives, sponsors and other special guests. Sometimes, radio stations or other promotional partners provide opportunities for fans to “win” backstage passes through contests, on-air giveaways, and so on.

Do you think I could get a donation of tickets to my worthy event?
There are many worthy organizations who do great things in our community. The Erie County Convention Center Authority would like to help, but tickets are controlled by promoters/producers. Feel free to send us a written request and we will forward it to the appropriate people for their review and consideration.

I lost my mittens at the Philharmonic this past weekend. Where is your lost and found?
First of all, I hope you enjoyed the show. Our Philharmonic is fantastic. Please don’t ever hesitate to call our administrative line, (814) 453-7117, if you lost an item. Our employees clean each facility after each event and are required to turn in found items. We have a great staff and I am very pleased to say that we have returned wallets with cash to appreciative patrons! If your mittens are here, you’ll get them back.

How can I apply for a job with the Erie County Convention Center Authority?
All available jobs are posted on our websites. Just click on the employment opportunities tab to review positions.

Where can I purchase the merchandise with the Erie County Convention Center Authority four flag logo?
Check out our merchandise section on our website and order on line. These same items can also be purchased during events or at the box office Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM or during the summer, from Memorial Day thru Labor Day, Monday – Friday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Why doesn’t Trans-Siberian Orchestra come back to Erie?
Despite numerous sellouts at the Erie Insurance Arena, Trans-Siberian Orchestra holiday performance has outgrown our facility. Simply put, they can sell more tickets in other arenas thereby adding greatly to their bottom line. In addition, our facility can’t physically accommodate all of the production elements necessary to produce this show. Fortunately, the upcoming Arena improvements will expand our seating and add many of the production support and amenities so desperately needed. These improvements will enable us to attract bigger and better touring artists to Northwestern Pennsylvania, and hopefully Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

What is the timeline for the Erie Insurance Arena improvements?
  Renovation/expansion project began December 13, 2011

Completed To Date (work focused mainly on North/South sides of building)
Installation of new restrooms and concession areas
Renovations to locker rooms
Expansion of lobby
Widening of concourses
Demolition of 227-space, two level parking deck at East Ninth & French Streets
Installation of batting tunnels for Erie SeaWolves

October 5, 2012
Arena reopens for fall/winter/spring entertainment/sporting events

October 2012-May 2013
Work will continue throughout the fall/winter/spring on completing the west end & upper suites & club levels.

May 2013-September 2013
Arena to close for Phase 2 (final phase) of renovation/expansion

October 2013
Grand re-opening

How can I be the first to find out about events coming to Erie?
Sometimes radio stations or other media outlets are given the exclusive rights to announce shows. I suggest you sign up for our monthly calendar of events. Visit our website and click the red tab located on our homepage - that says Join Our Mailing List. Hope to see you at an event soon!

The Queensryche concert is at the Convention Center instead of the Warner (where they played last time back in 2003.) Is this a sign of things to come...more shows at the Bayfront? 
 You bet! Some acts prefer a more intimate setting with a capacity of 500 to 1500 & our Bayfront Convention Center is the perfect place.  We expect this show to sell-out, which in turn, will encourage other promoters to bring more national touring artists to the Bayfront venue. Thank you for your support & by the way, bring all your friends too!